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Building across platforms has never been easier with our powerful integrations. Need to send push notifications? Manage users? Store data? No problem. Take your user's experience to the next level with the power of BEA Engine.

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Let's Build Together.
Focus on creating great user experiences and stop worrying about server maintenance and complex infrastructure. You’ve got the ideas, and we’ve got what you need to help make them a reality.
Build your perfect app on any platform.
Backend Admin handles everything you need to store data securely and efficiently in the cloud. Store basic data types, including locations and media, and access them across any platform without spinning up a single server.

Everything your web and mobile apps needs to save data, be social, and more. Easily schedule recurring tasks with background jobs. And more.
Analytics illustration
Analytics illustration
Keep your app running strong.
Check up on all the moving parts of your web & mobile apps with Backend Admin Analytics. Monitor requests, users, queries, and more to keep your apps in tip-top shape.
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Push Notifications
Push to a million devices a month, for free.
No matter how big your web and mobile apps becomes, pushing with Backend Admin is always affordable. Our silver plan gives you unlimited pushes to a million unique devices every single month.
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No matter what you want to build, we’ve got your back.
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